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Case Sudies


IoT service for a business customer

project in the Design Thinking method, which was used to create support services with data collected from the device, which enabled the implementation in a noticeable way to help and reduce labor costs, which will be more than a simple data visualization.


UX of the HMI mobile application

Designing the UX of the mobile application in such a way as to reconcile the needs of a building resident user with the advanced needs of an installer and service technician in one interface, with a satisfactory user experience.


The simple online wizard

A process in the design thinking methodology with UX elements, the purpose of which was to design the simplest possible web tool to search for or select advanced technical devices online.


The simplification of processes in the accounting application

UX research and UX design project for an existing custom accounting application. The challenge: how to guide the user through document processing so that he/she completes the tasks correctly and quickly at his approval stage.


The IoT management application

UX/UI task of a specialized web application for the administrator of the IoT service, which allows you to monitor the system operation, remotely update the software and display content for service engineers.


CRM development

A development project involving providing CRM internal users with the necessary functionalities supporting the effectiveness of customer relations. The task is based on interviews, behavioral monitoring.


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The presented projects are implemented or in the process of implementation, however, their details must remain secret due to the NDA.

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