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The wizard

The devices manufactured by the company are fully configurable and manufactured for special performance parameters. The engineering, dedicated web application is used for configuration, which is operated only by traders and designers. The plug-and-play devices launched by the company created a new space for online sales and simplified the selection of devices.


The idea for ​​the new wizard app came from the RnD department, which created guidelines to automate and simplify calculations for devices. However, after the implementation attempt, the application turned out to be an inefficient version of the already existing engineering application, and its development got stuck on the ground of difficult cooperation with the contractor.


During the project, the business owner of the application changed several times and its assumptions were changed. Unfortunately, no one was able to answer the question of who the user of the application is, what needs it should meet, and how the success of the implementation should be measured.

Design challenge

Creating the simplest possible tool that allows you to search or select advanced technical devices online and make a conscious purchase in the company store.

Process steps

1 / Desk research

Service safari (expert analysis) of the PoC version of the application and the HMI physical device.

2/ Good practices

Benchmark of web configurators.

3/ Fast prototypes

Quick prototypes of 2 configuration paths for 2 types of users validating hypotheses.

4/ Research

Qualitative research of 2 potential user groups.

5/ UX mockup

Development of an interactive mock-up of the configurator.

6/ Production implementation

Selection of MVP, technology, publication of the configurator.

7/ Development

Verification of business indicators, user needs, cooperation with stakeholders, roadmap for increasing business efficiency.

Conclusions from the benchmark

The knowledge gained about the way clients work and relations with investors allowed us to look at the project in a broader context:

  • The proposed method of selection is not simple either for the client or the investor.

  • There are configurators on the market that are lead generators and do not lead to the online sales process.

  • Creating a simple configurator requires going from engineering logic to the logic of an ordinary installer who pays attention to completely different aspects of selection.

Validation hypotheses

Installer/service technician user:


  • It works mainly in the field, it is asked for a quick ad hoc quote - the interface must be mobile operated.

  • Operates with the basic performance parameters of the device.

  • The value for him is the ability to compare devices from different suppliers.

  • In order to validate the hypotheses, quick prototypes with mobile and desktop views were created and presented to the installers.

image 23.png
image 24.png

Owner-investor user:


  • He is constantly on the go and gets things done often by the way.

  • I want to get a quote based on the project.

  • He is interested in the valuation of the entire system with assembly.

  • He is interested in services - design, assembly, installation maintenance.


Quick prototypes showing different variants of services, methods of pricing were evaluated by potential users.

As a result of the study, the management board decided to abandon the development path of the selection tool for this group of recipients. Potentially, they are only interested in comprehensive service, which does not fit into the company's business model.

Implementation preparation

The installer/service technician user path has entered the implementation phase. According to the Pareto principle, it was supposed to handle the most common needs of users with a small percentage of ready-made devices.

Before proceeding to the preparation of detailed mock-ups, a diagram of the application's operation was created along with the specification of the way of data flow between instances.

Koncepcja wizarda - Dobór samodzielny 1.png
Koncepcja wizarda - Konsultacja 1.png

According to the research results, it was necessary to take care of the contact with the application user in such a way as to give him a sense of support and confidence in the correct choice of the device.

A detailed action plan has been developed:


  • Inquiries and consultations for the selected device.

  • Searching for devices not available in the configurator.

The network of processes includes various communication tools - e-mail, chat, video chat, personal contact or ordering selections based on the installation design.

Mock-ups in Figma

Mock-ups were created mobile first, which allowed to make many design decisions regarding the method of searching, data presentation, and drawings.

The mock-ups contained elements modified based on the results of the study along with the entire communication and customer service process.

image 25.png
image 26.png
MVP implementation

The minimum functionality was selected for implementation, i.e. the device selection and recommendation mechanism.

In order to reduce the implementation costs and quickly verify whether the configurator will bring the expected income, the implementation was carried out using a javascript overlay on the existing store.

Finally, the selection is based on the created "shelf" device configurations and permissible operating ranges.

The public premiere of the configurator took place in October 2022.

Product development

The solution is pioneering and, despite great interest, it did not generate the expected sales. Due to the fact that the company believes that independent configuration of simple products is the future, work is being carried out. Analysis of user behavior on the website, statistical indicators and constant traffic monitoring are the basis for introducing and testing new elements.


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